CFEL-DESY Theory Division

The CFEL-DESY Theory Division develops theoretical and computational tools to predict the behavior of matter exposed to intense electromagnetic radiation. We employ quantum-mechanical and classical techniques to study ultrafast processes that take place on time scales ranging from picoseconds (10-12 s) to attoseconds (10-18 s). Our research interests include the dynamics of excited many-electron systems; the motion of atoms during chemical reactions; and x-ray radiation damage in matter.

Research Highlights

Observation of the fastest chemical processes in the radiolysis of water

10 January 2020

How molecular footballs burst in an X-ray laser beam

24 September 2019

"Quantum boiling” reveals relativity in atoms

10 October 2018

X-ray pulses create “molecular black hole”

01 June 2017

Researchers unravel dynamics of electron clouds

06 February 2017

Molecular dynamics made visible through mathematics

27 April 2016

First X-ray laser simulation suite explores single-particle imaging

25 April 2016

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